The Explorations of the Los Angeles Explorers’ Guild

How to Explore Los Angeles

Below you’ll find a list of our latest forays into the wilds of Los Angeles. If you are looking for something in particular, try this search bar:

But if not, just browse through the explorations below to see what we’re doing here.

The Photo Shoot

In Beverly Hills, you’ll find the statue of a man photographing a woman, a boy, and a dog in front of a replica of the Giorgio Beverly Hills storefront.

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A Walk Down Ord Street

Ord Street is a relatively short street in the heart of Chinatown, but it’s legacy reaches back to the pueblo’s first move toward commercialization.

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Nethercutt Museum

In Sylmar, you’ll find a building that contains one of the greatest collections of classic cars in the entire world. And visiting the place is free.

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Gateway to Los Angeles

Spanning The 101 Freeway at Los Angeles Street and Main Street, you will find two sculptures that work in concert to greet newcomers to the City of Los Angeles.

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