The Explorations of the Los Angeles Explorers’ Guild

How to Explore Los Angeles

Below you’ll find a list of our latest forays into the wilds of Los Angeles. If you are looking for something in particular, try this search bar:

But if not, just browse through the explorations below to see what we’re doing here.

The Foothill Bancroft Marker — Los Angeles Explorers Guild

Foothill Bancroft Marker

On Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena you can find the Foothill Bancroft Marker — a relic of the first road system in Los Angeles.

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A statue of former U.S. Senator Stephen M. White. Los Angeles Explorers Guild.

Stephen White Statue

A statue of former U.S. Senator Stephen Mallory White looks toward the Los Angeles Harbor he helped to develop. But a dark legacy overshadows his achievements.

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Beethoven Statue. Los Angeles Explorers Guild

Beethoven Statue

In a less-traveled corner of Pershing Square you’ll come across a 90-year-old bronze statue of German composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

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LAXG: Holyland Exhibition

Holyland Exhibition

Tucked away in an out-of-the-way corner of Silver Lake, there’s a house that holds countless sacred treasures plundered from the Middle East .

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