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Jack’s Candy

In Downtown Los Angeles you can visit a huge warehouse space filled with almost endless varieties of candy.

We’re All Kids in This Candy Store

If you like candy (and, really, who doesn’t?), do yourself a favor and pay a visit to Jack’s Candy, a giant candy warehouse filled with all the delectable delights you remember from your youth plus many varieties of sweets you may have never heard of.

Jack’s Candy — the Los Angeles Candy Superstore. Photo from the author’s collection.

The first aisle you’ll walk down at Jack’s Candy will most likely be filled with all manner of candy from Mexico. If you haven’t grown up in a Latino household, you may have never seen many of these candies before. You’ll see items like pulparindo, skwinkles, obleas con cajeta, the rather strange Malva Bony paleta-pop, and even Nestle’s made-in-Mexico Carlos V candy bar (named after the 16th century Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain). And if you like chiles in your candies, then Jack’s has you covered.

Make no mistake. Jack’s Candy is a candy warehouse. Photo from the author’s collection.

Of course Jack’s carries all the standard candies — chocolate candy, fruit candy, sour candy, spicy candy, squishy candy, hard candy. They’ve got the lollipops, the gumballs, the jelly beans, the taffys, and more types of gummies than you can wiggle a peppermint stick at. The wide aisles are stuffed with popular candies like Dots, M&Ms, Laffy Taffy, Jolly Rancher, and stacks of colorfully wrapped Hershey’s kisses.

Hershey’s kisses wrapped in colorful foil. Photo from the author’s collection.

But Jack’s also specializes in those candies of yesteryear, candies packed with as much nostalgia as sugar, candies that can be a challenge to find almost anywhere else. You’ll come across throwback candies like Mike & Ike, Bottle Caps, Nerds, and Pop Rocks — all in a multitude of flavors. There’s even had a whole section for Spree, a candy I’d all but forgotten about. And Jack’s has an entire row devoted to Pez.

Pez as far as the eye can see. Photo from the author’s collection.

But most astoundingly, Jack’s carries a whole line of candies I’d thought we’d never see again. That is, of course, the tobacco-themed sugar sticks like candy cigarettes …

Interestingly, the word “cigarette” doesn’t appear on the package. Photo from the author’s collection.

… and bubble gum cigars (the original gender reveal party treat).

Note the distinct lack of the word “cigar” on these boxes. Photo from the author’s collection.

To offset all that sweetness, they also sell bags of chips. A varied selection of salty snacks sits in large shipping boxes against the far wall. But, for some reason, chips can be purchased with cash only.

Too much sugar? Hit the chip section. Photo from the author’s collection.

The last time we were there, we saw a gentlemen filling an entire standard-sized cart to heaping with a small bags of chips. I regret not taking that photograph.

The Latest Exploration …

Jack’s Candy is a sweet destination for all candy lovers. It’s also a great place to stock up for Halloween and offers enough variety take care of all your piñata-filling needs.

The bulk candy pack. Perfect for Halloween or piñatas. Photo from the author’s collection.

Jack’s Candy

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