The Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot

In Beverly Hills, you’ll find the statue of a man photographing a woman, a boy, and a dog in front of a replica of the Giorgio Beverly Hills storefront.

The Photo Shoot

Right where Clifton Way dead ends into Cañon Drive, you’ll come across four painted bronze statues (one of which is a dog) arranged in a shopping scene in front of a replica yellow-and-white storefront. Together, the quartet is known as The Photo Shoot.

The whole scene is a homage to Giorgio of Beverly Hills, the first ritzy retail stores in Beverly Hills and the brainchild of Fred Hayman, the man who pioneered the high-end shopping experience on Rodeo Drive.

The Photo Shoot, a tribute to Fred Hayman by sculptor Seward Johnson. Photo from the author’s collection.

Giorgio of Beverly Hills

In 1961, Hayman opened Giorgio of Beverly Hills at 273 N Rodeo Drive, a mere 1,000 feet due west of where this replica is on display today. He quickly developed the shop into one of the most recognizable luxury brands in the world.

In 1981 he leveraged this recognition into a perfume — Giorgio, the “best-selling fragrance in Beverly Hills.” Hayman sold the rights to the fragrance to Avon in 1987.

After the sale, Hayman changed the name of shop on Rodeo Drive to Fred Hayman Beverly Hills. In support of this re-branding, the iconic yellow-and-white stripes of Girogio were changed to a solid yellow. This change is represented by the Fred Hayman bag the woman in the sculptural scene has slung over her shoulder (this was changed from a red-and-white striped bag depicted in the original installation).

The Latest Exploration …

Fred Hayman Beverly Hills closed its doors in June of 1998 and Hayman leased the space to Louis Vuitton for the flagship store that’s still open at the site today.

Fred Hayman passed on in 2016 at the age of 90, but his Rodeo Drive legacy lives on.

The arrangement of The Photo Shoot doesn’t allow for many interesting angles. Photo from the author’s collection.

Fred Hayman Replica Storefront

This collection of sculptures in front of what’s now known as the Fred Hayman Building is the work of Seward Johnson, a sculptor known for his painted bronze castings of people. Some of these were of famous celebrities (like Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Fred Rogers), while some just depict people taking part in everyday activities (like fishing or golfing of taking a photo in front of a ritzy store).

Johnson, a member of the Johnson & Johnson family passed away in 2020. He left behind a staggering volume of work. Just take a look at where his sculptures are on display across the world with the Finding Johnson Sculptures map on the artist’s website.

The Photo Shoot, commissioned by Hayman himself and originally installed in front of Fred Hayman Beverly Hills in 1990, feels like a product of its time. All the elements of fashion (one presumes these items were available from Fred Hayward’s shop) from the man’s white pants, robin’s-egg-blue jacket, gold-link watch and Instamatic camera to the woman’s tennis-style sweater and the boy’s teal long-sleeved polo ooze a late 1980s vibe.

A small bronze plaque marks the spot that reads:

The Photo Shoot
Honoring the creative spirit of Fred Hayman.
©1990 The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.

The Fred Hayman Beverly Hills replica storefont on Cañon Drive was created in 2009, 11 years after the Rodeo Drive shop closed its doors. And while it’s not explicitly stated, one can only assume that this sculpture was moved from its original location at 273 Rodeo Drive to adorn this memorial storefront.

The Photo Shoot

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