Gordon and Lily Statue

Gordon and Lily Statue

In Beverly Hills, a cranky elderly couple perpetually prepares to cross the street.

The dapper Gordon and Lily stand at the corner of Little Santa Monica and Camden Drive, right in front of Wells Fargo. They stand about five feet tall and don’t look the least bit happy. Perhaps they’re put out by all the commercialization that has sprung up around them over the years.

Gordon and Lily, iust out for a walk in Beverly Hills. Photo from the author’s collection.

There is very little information about this bronze couple, other than they were sculpted by Mexican artist Victor Salmones. Prior to the pandemic, you could visit the Victor Salmones Galleries in Suite 1111 just behind Gordon and Lily and next door to Wells Fargo, but it appears to have been shut down in recent months. (You can see the “Flagship Retail” sign behind the erstwhile couple in the above photo).

It’s unknown when Gordon and Lily were sculpted and placed on the corner, but a plaque at their feet reads:

“On loan from the estate of Victor Salmones for the enjoyment of the community.”

On a casual glance, one could think it’s a sweet, loving scene: an elderly walking arm-in-arm as they stroll through town.

But as you get closer, it becomes apparent that neither Gordon nor Lily are enjoying themselves. In fact, it’s a scene that will make you fear growing old.

You okay Lily? Photo from the author’s collection.

Lily looks slumped and confused, as if she doesn’t have the mental acuity to cross the street on her own.

Gordon seems to be leading Lily toward the crosswalk, but his guidance doesn’t look loving. Instead, it’s one of obligation, and he looks upset about it. This isn’t how he saw his life turning out. All he really wants is a good cigar from Al Kramer’s place, but it shut down half a decade ago and he’s really angry about it.

Gordon misses the good old days. Photo from the author’s collection.

Despite their curmudgeonly attitudes, they are dressed well. Gordon looks snazzy in a suit and tie while Lily wears a tasteful dress and carries a large handbag.

Beverly Hills is Life (Smile)

Behind Gordon and Lily you’ll find “Beverly Hills is Life,” a stack of blocks from Mr. Brainwash (an alleged protégé of Banksy) that is stacked to read “Smile” from the ends. This sculpture was done up as part of the third BOLD (Beverly Hills Open Later Days) in 2019. The juxtaposition of these two works of public art is somewhat jarring.

The feeling of Beverly Hills. Photo from the author’s collection.

Gordon & Lily Statue

Tom Fassbender is a writer of things with a strong adventurous streak. When not exploring Los Angeles, he’s been known to enjoy a cup of coffee or two. You can find him at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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