The Flying Pig of Topanga

LAXG: The Flying Pig of Topanga

The Flying Pig of Topanga

Along the twists and turns of Topanga Canyon Boulevard, you’ll find a winged pig taking flight.

This Pig Flies!

If you’ve ever driven along California 27 through Topanga Canyon (also known as Topanga Canyon Boulevard), you may have come across a rather unusual sight — a giant pig soaring above the road about halfway between the Pacific Coast Highway and the Ventura Freeway.

LAXG: The Flying Pig of Topanga
The amazing Flying Pig of Topanga! Photo from the author’s collection.

This is the Flying Pig of Topanga, and it’s exactly what that name conjures up — she’s a big pink pig with wings, flying above a lot along Topanga Canyon Blvd. She was created and mounted by local carpenter Chris Budzin, and she’s been around since at least 2004.

The Latest Exploration …

Over the years, the pig has gone missing at least once and has changed colors a few times. She’s was painted black for awhile, and in July 2015 she sported a red, white, and blue motif. But we think she looks best pink.

The Flying Pig of Topanga makes her home above a 10-acre lot that was sold in July 2020, so we’re hoping she doesn’t fly off permanently. She has her own Facebook page if you want to keep tabs on what’s happening with her.

The Flying Pig of Topanga

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