Donut Watch: The Margarita from Trejo’s

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Donut Watch: The Margarita from Trejo’s

When it comes to donuts in Los Angeles, you many options. But right now, the Margarita from Trejo’s Donuts & Coffee is the best donut in town.

Los Angeles is a donut town. Even a short drive through a Los Angeles neighborhood will reveal a donut shop on nearly every corner and in every strip mall.

Counting Los Angeles donut shops seems like a dauntless task, but a few different people have allegedly tried. There are reportedly between 700 and 1500 donut shops in Los Angeles County, depending on what source you believe. Personally, I lean toward that higher value. Los Angeles County covers a huge area, and with such a high concentration of donut shops, 700 seems far too low.

This multitude of donut shops is quite varied. Some old school shops sell simple donuts for $1.00. Others sell handcrafted artisanal donuts for upwards of $5.00 or more. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad donut, but in our fair city today you can get some truly fantastic donuts. And one of the best places to get a donut in Los Angeles is Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts.

The pink Trejo’s Donuts & Coffee in Hollywood. Photo from the author’s collection.

Opened by actor Danny Trejo in 2017, this small shop dominates the corner of Santa Monica Blvd & Highland Ave in Hollywood (Los Angeles long-timers will remember this as the former location of Donut Time).

You can’t miss the joint — it’s painted the bright pink of a standard Los Angeles donut box (although perhaps it’s a shade or two pinker). Trejo’s serves up some of the best donuts on in the city, dreamed up by pastry chef Dianne Crame and offered with great names like the O.G., the Lowrider, the Abuelita, and the Margarita.

A plate of donuts from Trejo’s. Photo from the author’s collection.

The Margarita

So here’s a bold statement: Trejo’s Margarita is the best donut in Los Angeles right now.

The Margarita from Trejo's Donuts & Coffee
Trejo’s Margarita and a cup of coffee. Photo from the author’s collection.

The Margarita is a raised donut with a margarita glaze, sprinkles of lime, and a pinch or two of maldon salt. It’s perfectly tangy and, with the flavors evened out by that hint of salt, not too sweet.

This donut’s favored status may change soon, but until then, head over to Hollywood and treat yourself to a Margarita.

Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts

  • 6785 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood.
    • Parking available in the adjacent lot.
  • GPS Coordinates: 34.090804, -118.338513 [ Google Maps ]
  • what3words: ///

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